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dD Ministries International 

is the apostolic ministry of Dr. Deborah Williams, Founder of

Got Truth International Church of Eagles, Establishmentarianof Kingdom Builders Alliance Worldwideand CEO of DrDeb Enterprises, LLC.


God has called her to birth "Churches of Eagles", throughout the nation, to proclaim truth without tradition and to reconcile the body of Christ back to Him by making disciples who can soar like eagles.


“Establish, Equip, Encourage, Empower: 

 Labor Coach, Life Coach, Love Coach”



To Speak the truth in love so that – 

        1 – The Body of Christ is made free (John 8:32)

        2 – Disciples get the truth and never sell it (Proverbs 23:23) 

        3 – Churches will come against the traditions that cause

               the Word of God to be ineffective

        4 – The mature Christians are offered opportunities

               to grow in their gifts

        5 – Ministers are established, equipped, encouraged and empower



To establish and birth “Church of Eagles”, that establishes the truth in love, worldwide.



Partnership with dD Ministries International will help push this gift, to the Body, into fulfillment of the vision God has given her, to go back to the original plan of making disciples.  We currently have 4 ways that you can partner with us.


      Prayer PartnerPray for the vision, visionary and partners.

      Seed PartnerSow seeds (money) into this fertile grown so

            there will be much more fruit at harvest time.  You may sow

            monthly and/or as the Lord leads you.

     Ministry Partner – Be a part of our Ministry Team.  There are many

            opportunities for the gifts of the body to exercise their gifts for the

            glory and honor of God and to help build the Kingdom of God.  

            We are about kingdom building and not membership, although

            you are welcomed to join us as God directs you.

      Covenant Partner - Join Kingdom Builders Alliance through

            covenant relationship. Join as a ministry, church or individual. 

            We cover all in prayer and support ministry vision and events.



To become a partner and/or for more information, contact

Dr. Deborah Williams at 804-504-1172

or you can write to:

P.O. Box 1158, Louisburg, NC  27549-1158


or email –




“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free!”